I’ve discovered a secret — the future of social media looks like a toddler! Meet the mini-influencer, a new breed of micro-celebrities who have surpassed the celebrity status of their elders, and we are not mad about it! Before there was “Toddlers & Tiaras” and now we are living in a time where insta-stardom is being taken over by mini-influencers!

These kids are beyond talented and incredibly cute! It’s no wonder that they are able to build up such a successful following online so fast! I decided to write this blog post to highlight some of our favorite mini-influencers who are rocking the Snugsuit!

@my2bae // 14.1k – Levi + Claire Turner

This amazing Momma of two has created such an amazing platform for her two beautiful kids! She is a lifestyle/fashion blogger and content creator! We are so thankful to have been able to work with her and see Claire rock the Norah Snugsuit!

@lealiving_ // @33.1k – Miah

Lauren is one of our favorite influencers! She is a Florida based realtor and a foster Momma to the sweetest baby boy Miah. When we first saw the pictures of him in the Jesse Snugsuit our hearts melted!

@chronically.momma // 40.3k – Xo

Cora is a strong and inspiring Mom of one. She posts about her journey of being a Mom while battling sickness and it means the world to see her little girl Xo in the Charlie Snugsuit running around so happy!

We are so grateful to have partnered with such inspiring women from all walks of life! Please check out any of these pages and show them some love and support when you get a chance!