My Favorite New Years Resolution

I recently found myself getting lost in another Disney movie with my kids. Guilty. Watching Disney movies is my favorite pastime, so being able to re-watch some of my favorite movies with my kids sets off serious nostalgia for my younger days! I love that the magic of Disney seems to still be alive even though I am a full grown adult here.

We just recently watched a new movie called “Soul.” It felt like the perfect time to watch this movie, especially just as the new year begins! I not only fell in love with the fact that this movie was set in New York City, involved jazz music, and included a funny fat cat sidekick, but this movie left me feeling more inspired than ever!

The whole plot is set around the main character chasing his dreams and getting so blinded by achieving his dreams that he misses the smallest moments that truly matter. I often find myself at the beginning of a new year setting big goals and filling my calendar up with a never-ending list of things to do. That’s what you’re supposed to do right? Fix your now clustered routine and fill it with more workouts, more work, and more water. Less time for my family, my husband, and…well…me! Not this year!

At the end of the movie “Soul” the main character realizes that though jazz music is his passion, it is not his reason for living. His reason for living was the quiet moments standing on the beach, giving his mom a hug, spending time with his students. It was hands down one of the most beautiful endings to a story and left me wanting to dump all the pressures of the New Year and

  1. Learn to slow down, not speed up.
  2. Learn to sit, ask, and listen
  3. Learn to be steady and pay attention to what’s happening around me and try not getting so lost in my next task.

Even as I write this blog now my husband and son are having a very serious tickle fight and just then I wanted to hurry to check off this task of writing for the day, but I realized I wouldn’t get that one moment back of watching my little boy try to take on his Dad in an epic tickle fight. So for this year, if you have already filled your schedule with new years resolutions yet or if you are having a hard time finding a new years resolution, then I challenge you to also consider the importance of slowing down just as much as you plan to speed things up!

And please when you get a chance, watch “Soul” on Disney, in your SnugSuits of course 😉