Summer is coming which means it’s almost time to start packing up and getting ready for vacation! Road tripping with a toddler can be crazy fun and stressful at the same time! I know we have all been in the situation where we had to pull over in the middle of a drive to cater to the screaming baby in the backseat…WIth this in mind we decided to collectively gather some of the best traveling toddler tips from parents like you and compile a cheat sheet for when things go wrong

#1 Bring Snacks

Bring snacks for you, for your toddler, for everyone! Snacks are fuel for the soul and can turn any hangry situation upside down with just a few bites! The best road trip snacks I have found for my child are dried cereal, granola bars, and fruit! These are our go-to! You just simply can’t frown while chewing on some lucky charms in the backseat.

#2 Entertainment

As a rule of thumb: always charge up the iPad before heading out. It’s also crucial that we remember to download a few shows via Netflix in case of emergency! Our kids love to play games and the iPad always comes in clutch when I can feel the kids start to get fidgety! We also like to pack a couple engaging books, like eye spy and any coloring books for the road! This also entertains Momma and I love doing activities with the kids while we travel!

#3 Pack an extra Snugsuit!

Road trips with a toddler can be messy. The one extra Snugsuit you pack just in case can mean the difference between a happy trip and a day-long car wash adventure. The best part about road tripping in a Snugsuit is that they are flexible, comfortable, and the easiest to get in and out of!

As I’m sure you can imagine, things can go a little haywire when you travel with a toddler. However, it’s not all that bad once you get into the groove of things and start adventuring! The most important thing to do is to stay calm and smile through it all. You got this! #happytravels