Summer is right around the corner and that means that your baby will be able to spend more time with you outside. Whether it is at the park or just being outside while you’re barbecuing with your friends, you’ll enjoy the sensation of summer and your baby will too! The question begins to emerge once again; do onesies make babies hot in the summer?

We are parents just like you, that’s why SnugSuit has been tailored to meet all your baby’s needs. We designed our onesies with the highest quality standards based on comfort and safety. Our cotton fabric provides a superior air circulation system to reduce excessive sweating when your baby is playing or sleeping during the hot summer months. Thanks to its natural fibers it will keep your baby cool all year round!

We are proud to have a product that can meet you where you are at as a parent. If it’s play-time, nap time, or even dinner we want Snugsuit to have your back. This is thanks to our unique, innovative design that was made with both functionality and fashion in mind. All this while giving your baby freedom to move legs around and stretch them out! #SunsOutSnugsOut